Posted by: winteridge | November 16, 2005

Tourists and windmills:

Tourists and windmills: The Tug Hill Windmill Farms of Upstate New York.
We just spent a weekend at the Winteridge Farm on Tug Hill. Beautiful weather. Did some deer hunting, although I find my enthusiasm for deer hunting is waning.
There are now over 100 windmills in place, almost ready to start spinning power. They are awesome to see! There are 3 in place on the farm, with 1 to be completed as soon as the last tower comes in.
The windmills are beginning to attract lots of tourists, driving up and down the roads, walking the fields, taking photos, etc. One lady stopped by and tried to start an argument about the bad aspects of the windmills, but we just wished her a good day. This would be a great opportunity to cash in on all the traffic and interest. Maybe sell t-shirts and hats on the roadside, or give guided tours. If only I lived closer, so I could be there every day. $40.00 worth of gas to commute-that is a lot of t-shirts.


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