Posted by: winteridge | December 23, 2005

Green Wind

I just read, in the Syracuse Post Standard, the interesting and enlightening article on the Maple Ridge Wind Farm on Tug Hill. We who have ties to the area hope that this project will bring some much-needed revenues to the Tug Hill area, while helping to produce clean energy for America.
It was amusing to read bar-owner Gordon Yancey’s assessment that the wind towers “desecrated” the beautiful Tug Hill. This from someone who makes his living selling firewater and finger-foods to the thousands of snowmobilers and ATV riders who invade the Tug winter and summer. With their noise pollution, air pollution, beer-can littering, and constant destruction of roads, trails, streams, forests, and fields, not to mention killing themselves and others on an alarming basis, these visitors are the real sources of desecration to this remote and beautiful area. Perhaps if Mr.Yancey is looking for desecrating, he should look across his bar instead of out his windows. Perhaps Mr Yancey should devote some time and energy to educating his customers, and just enjoy his view of the windmills. Already, Lewis County is working to close it’s roads to ATVs.
Fortunately, most of us appreciate the beauty and majesty of these awesome windmills, and feel that they only add to the beauty and majesty of this unique area.



  1. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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