Posted by: winteridge | June 1, 2006

Our beautiful neighborhood is going to…

wandering the tug

This is closer to home, but I wander here a lot too. Byrne Dairy plans to build a super gas/dairy/cigarette/beer emporium in our rural residential neighborhood, as a “neighborhood convenience’, though the neighbors all oppose it. This was published in the Syracuse papers:


The exciting news that our far-seeing Lysander Town Planners have rewarded our residential neighborhood with a big shiny new “neighborhood convenience” store has been somewhat clouded by the recent rash of armed robberies of these stores in the Syracuse area. Two in one day. It seems these stores are a “convenience” in more ways than one.

Neighbors in this quiet residential area can hardly wait until the new Byrne Dairy Store opens just down the road. I guess we just have to start locking our doors and keeping the shotgun handy. I would suggest that our town planners plan on doing the same.

What I fail to understand in this deal is that when developers plan stores, malls, or gas stations in other rural areas, such as route 31 in Clay, planners can and do require them to include wider roads, curbing, turn lanes, crosswalks, lowered speed limits, and even traffic signals as part of the construction. On route 370 in Lysander, nothing. What are they thinking? What is wrong with anticipating problems and preventing them? Isn’t that what planning is all about?

Anyway, welcome, Byrne Dairy, to the neighborhood. We probably will not be regular customers, but we will wave as we sit in traffic outside your store, waiting to get to route 370.

John Northrup


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