Posted by: winteridge | August 31, 2006



Well, our short Central New York summer is almost gone, but the good news is that the great State of New York is going to be sending us all a huge tax rebate. Now, what will I do with it? Pay off the mortgage? Buy a new car? Pay my school taxes? What? Not that much? Well, maybe a tankful of gas. And this is free money, folks, like the refund the IRS gives us in April, so we can enjoy it. I heard some people were complaining that it would cost 3 or 4 million to mail out all those checks, but, hey, the state is paying for that, not me, right?

It is somewhat amazing that our great state legislators were able to get together and agree on something. Maybe Joe and Shelly did it while the rest of the gang was out of town campaigning and the Guv was in Iowa doing something. He’s running for what? That might be an improvement. With a great bonus like that, I know I will be voting to re-elect my representative and…what? Unopposed again? Oh, well, surely someone will vote for him.

If the legislators did pass this bill, I am guessing that there is a hefty pay raise attached, to take effect just after the elections. (For them, that is, not a minimum wage bill.) Did they ever pass a budget? A bottle bill? No time for such things in an election year. Wouldn’t it be great if one of them could actually accomplish all the things they promise during the campaign? What a great state! I wonder how far south I can get on my tax rebate? Virginia, maybe?

I finally did receive a rebate check, made payable to me only. I emailed my legislator and told him that if he could come up with a couple hundred more, I would try to get my wife to vote for him too. No response…

I don’t disagree that our legislators should have a pay raise once in a while; cost-of-living and all that, but it doesn’t seem right that they get to choose when and how much. The only fair way would be to give them the same generous annual increase that us social security recipients enjoy, an average $30 a month or so. Of course, they don’t have to pay medicare premium increases out of that, so they might actually receive enough for a dinner out once a month.


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