Posted by: winteridge | September 5, 2006

The Tug Hill Windmills: You were right. I was wr…

The Tug Hill Windmills:

You were right. I was wrong. What was I thinking? Those windmills are huge, they are noisy, they are ugly, and they need to be removed. All of them. Now. We want everything back the way it was, and for all the tourists to go away, and for the towns and counties and state to give back all the money. How do we do that?

Not serious, of course. I do not live close to the windmills, but many people I know who have them on their land are very happy with them. Especially the extra income when the tax bills come! From my own observations, the windmill noise is not much more than the sound of wind in the trees, and is really kind of soothing. Strobe lights? Flicker? After the first few minutes, you don’t notice them-like cell towers and power lines and all the other modern inconveniences. Welcome to the future.



  1. Could you tell me what email address that I can go on and see all the windmills on TugHill.

  2. Sorry: I did answer this person, but I should have posted it here. Try or or search google for maple ridge wind.

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