Posted by: winteridge | March 24, 2007

Wandering the news:

Wandering the news: I have not been up to the Tug for a few-I try to stay away during the winter storms anymore. Too old for shoveling snow and digging cars out of drifts.
Just a few comments on the latest news. I think it is amusing that our President refuses to let any of his staff testify under oath. They might then be required to tell the truth, which would surely set a precedent. Can anyone recall any member of the Bush gang telling the truth about anything in the past 6 or 7 years? But we still love them. How could anyone not love ol’ Dick Cheney?

Then there was the big headline article in the Syracuse Newspaper last week about law firms and politicians allegedly stealing taxpayer funds thru the Empire Zone program. I am sure the papers spent a lot of time digging up these facts; even had to go to court, I understand, but isn’t this a classic “Dog Bites Man” story? What do politicians and lawyers do but steal our money? And most of our politicians are/were lawyers, so it is a natural tie-in. And to Will Barclay and John Defrancisco and others, it is a perfectly normal process: The state legislature sets up a program to give out taxpayer funds with no one to supervise it, hey, it’s fair game. Take all you can get. I can’t wait to see what Gov. Spitzer does with this one.


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