Posted by: winteridge | May 22, 2007

War in Iraq

War in Iraq
The latest word from our mission to free the people of Iraq is that our fearless leaders plan to separate the warring factions and build a wall, yes, a wall, to keep them apart. Well, actually, we will need a number of walls, to separate the Sunni from the Shiite from the Kurd from the Taliban from Alkaida from…well, I’m sure Halliburton can handle that. Maybe some nice chain link fence. And why not a Wall around the entire country? Just leave a gate to remove the oil.
It’s good to see that our leaders have been reading the ol’ history books. Walls have worked so well in Berlin; in Scotland; in China; and oh yes, the Texas-Mexican border. Maybe if some of them had studied the Vietnam War Fiasco, or better yet, taken part in it, maybe we would not be wallowing in the deep stuff now. It is frightening these days that John Stewart’s take on the daily news is the only one that makes sense.


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