Posted by: winteridge | July 4, 2007


I did something like this a few days ago, but it seems it disappeared into blog netherworld. That happened to me on blogspot too. Maybe it is my teck expertise, or lack of same. Anyway…

Here is my urgent plea to the media, all of you, television, radio, newspapers, scuzzy magazines, whatever, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, no more Paris Hilton. Read My Lips: NO ONE CARES! Even Paris has expressed her desire to shed the legally blond schtick and attempt to grow up after she serves her time. Why can’t we (meaning you the media) do a short moratorium on Paris stuff, say maybe 5 years, and let her give it a try. Call off the reporters, cameras, helicopters, SUVs, and the whole mob and leave her alone. See if anyone notices. Maybe there is something new on Anna Nicole to occupy your time. I’m not sure about the rest of the public, but I can’t think of any of Paris’ antics that ever interested me, except perhaps her alleged porno film, and I never did see that. Maybe you could devote some time to the important issues, like the fiasco in Iraq; the loss of our democracy; the terrorist threat. Goodbye, Paris.



  1. OK, so I am not afraid to admit it when I am wrong. America does love Paris Hilton unconditionally. I just read that some scavenger found an empty dogfood can in Paris’ garbage, allegedly from Paris’ own dog, and some fool bought it on ebay, after a lively auction, for $305. I…but…she…but…sorry, I do not have anything to say about that. It is beyond comment. If that person sees this and will contact me, I will provide an entire plastic bag of used cans and bottles for half that price. Really. With free shipping. What a sick world.

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