Posted by: winteridge | July 8, 2007

Senior Survival Tip #762

For all those senior citizens out there who are trying to make it on social security (and why can’t we tie the social security cost-o-living increase to the same chart as congressional pay raises?) and pay their own health insurance, here is a grocery tip we have learned. Most of the local Sam’s Clubs have a huge rotissiere chicken one can buy for less than $5, and it is maybe the best chicken you will taste. Not fried either. My wife and I buy one every few weeks and we get 3 dinners out of it, then debone and chop up the remains for chicken salad sandwiches. Not bad for 5 bucks. Of course, you don’t want to be eating chicken, even good chicken, every day, but, hey, it beats dog food. (Dog food has gotten expensive, and who knows what those chinese are putting in it?)



  1. Oops! Sorry to report that our local Sam’s Club has gone the way of so many American businesses lately. Thanks, G.W. I guess it’s back to the cheap hamburger and pasta.

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