Posted by: winteridge | July 8, 2007

The Empire Strikes

It was with mixed feelings that I read last week of the demise of Syroco in Baldwinsville. I worked there for many years, back when they were making wall ornaments, making money, and it was a fun place to work. Some of my friends were still there. We had nearly 2000 employees for a while there when times were good. Rising plastics prices, mismanagement, whatever, it is the end of another Central New York manufacturer.

It was interesting to note that when Syroco was struggling to survive, they put in their application for NY Empire Zone money, with a promise to add 50 jobs. Instead, they laid off 50 employees, their leader resigned, and then they closed the doors. The Onondaga Empire Zone agency said that these moves were “a cause for concern”, but the empire zone paperwork was still in the system. I’m sure the agency has not thought about who they will send our tax money to, but surely they will find someone. But wait; if you have NO employees and add just one, you have an increase of 100%, right? Can we redo that application? Isn’t that the way our legislators do it with their own firms?

Anyway, farewell, Syroco.


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