Posted by: winteridge | July 8, 2007

The Scooter Scoots…

Lest any of my friends or relatives happen to be reading this and think I have finally seen the light on the Bush administration, never fear.  However, I will reluctantly admit that I do agree with GW on turning Scooter Libby loose from prison.  It just would not be right to imprison the Scooter when all his cohorts; Wolfie, the Rover, Cheney, Rummie, and all the rest, are still running around free and creating major damage.  After all, GW did state when word first got out about the Plame scandal that if any of his administration was involved, they would “be taken care of”.  No matter what we say about our prez, at least he is hon…he keeps his word.

For the Scooter, how about a “heckuvajob” medal and an ambassadorship to Uzbeckistan (or is that where wolfie went?)  Well then, how about a new head of FEMA?  Perhaps when he is ready to do time, his bosses will be able to share the burden.

Though I don’t expect that to happen right away, seeing as the administration has removed all the attornys general, and everyone in congress is too busy running for president to do what they are paid to do.  I guess that leaves just the supreme court…the same group that elected george in the first place.  Don’t despair, though, folks, only about a year and a half of this to go!  We can survive that…can’t we?



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  2. @sac: send me the ifone and I will fix it, sure.

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