Posted by: winteridge | August 2, 2007

Bruno Rules!

Every day it seems there is more news out of Albany about Mr Bruno and Mr Spitzer and how the Guv keeps getting his ears pinned back.

Here’s the thing I don’t understand.  All the legislators in Albany seem to agree, even when they are not running for re-election (I know, when are they NOT running?), that the 78 year old Bruno is the prime cause of our state government’s chronic dysfunction.  It has to be his way, or not at all.  So why do they not give the Guv some help in encouraging Mr B. to retire?  Why don’t the voters in Bruno’s  district see that it is time for a change?  Doesn’t anyone oppose him at election time?  Does he even run for reelection?   Surely he has enough money by now for a nice condo in Miami?  Come on, the man is nearly 80 years old!  Why not all chip in with our governor’s effort to present him with a very nice retirement gift, then try to get New York’s government back to normal, if we can remember what normal was?  Why does Guv Spitzer have to do it all alone?  Reminds me of Mike Bragman…


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