Posted by: winteridge | August 20, 2007

Lightning strikes!

light22.jpgOn Saturday afternoon, after getting some quality work done on our second camp, brother Jim and I decided to take a ride and look for wild huckleberries/blueberries and blackberries. One was all gone, and the other not yet ripe. A little trivia: Did you know that blueberries are white when green, but blackberries are red when green?

Anyway, we passed the little cemetery at Gardner’s Corners, once another thriving Tug Hill community, and stopped to visit some of our old, or I should say former neighbors. Some have been there since the early 1800’s.

We found one headstone, which looked fairly new, for a Mariett Williams, 1859-1860, who was struck by lightning. I would love to know the story behind that. I mean he/she was maybe less than a year old. Did she run outside alone during a thunderstorm? Did her parents leave her in a carriage beneath a tree during the storm? Was her home struck by a lightning bolt? Was her mother struck with her? I would like to research that some day. Maybe in the Lowville library. Talk about your bad luck! There may not be a million stories on the Tug, but there are many.

Note: In my on-going quest to find little Mariett, I have found a cemetery inventory from 1965 that does not list that name, so it is likely the stone was added recently by a family member. It looks fairly new. And I did find a website with copies of the Lowville newspapers from 1860 on microfilm, but that name did not show in my search. So now all I have to do is go thru 52 weekly papers, upsize them so I can read them, and look for an article on Mariett. Seems like it would have been newsworthy.


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