Posted by: winteridge | September 10, 2007

Mistakes…Were Made.

I am a senior citizen, and like most seniors, my hearing is not the best any more. The result of a lot of shooting when I was younger, hunting and fighting the Cold War. Unlike many seniors, however, I will admit it and not tell you to stop mumbling and speak clearly. But sometimes nowadays, I hear things and I have to just say; NAAAWWW! Did he really say that? I must have heard it wrong!

So it was with our Commander in Chief when the media recently reported (of course, the news media does not always get it right) that GW stated that we should not make the same mistake we made in Vietnam and pull our troops out before the war is won. Or words to that effect. Really. NAAWWW!

Now I recall the Vietnam War very well; I did not witness it from an undisclosed location in Alabama, and yes, there were a lot of mistakes, but pulling our troops out of a war we could not win after a dozen years, 50,000 young men and women killed, and a debt that our grandkids will still be paying for, I do not call that a mistake. Maybe the only good decision our leaders made there. And, a quick note for all those hopefuls who have been running for President for the past couple of years: as I recall, we elected an unpopular president then only because he promised to end our involvement. And note that now the Vietnamese are our good friends.

Someone famous said that those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it, and, yes, we are repeating in Iraq many of the mistakes of that nasty war. We got involved in the first place under false pretenses-OK, lies-from our trusted leaders. We got involved in the middle of a civil war, not sure why we were there, and ended up fighting both sides. We insisted on fighting an unconventional war using conventional methods, even after it was proven that these methods wouldn’t work. We let the other side set the ground rules. Does any of this sound familiar?

So, yes, I believe it is time to leave the Iraqi Civil War to the Iraqis. Now we cannot even agree on whether we are making progress, or if we are the “surgers” or “surgees”. So I offer up a solution free of charge: Why not remove our troops as soon as possible, but not in defeat. Let’s refocus on our original mission and redeploy to Afganistan and Pakistan. Remember the Taliban? Remember Osama? Remember 9/11? Or as another of our leaders said in a famous Korean “Conflict” quote: “Retreat, Hell! We’re attacking in another direction!”

And speaking of wars, has anyone noticed that we seem to get ourselves involved in one every 20 years or so, and most always our leaders have no personal experience with previous wars. Maybe if they had spent some time in the trenches and jungles and veteran hospitals, their views would be different, and they might look for a more peaceful way to settle international differences, or macho perceived slights to “Mah Daddy”. Or maybe we should make sure, if we are going to have a war every generation, that our leaders all have a good military background. How about a constitutional amendment that all candidates should not only be American citizens, but also West Point graduates and veterans? And, of course, multi-millionaires. That would cut down the list.

Even better, any President who gets us into a war and talks about sacrificing ours sons and daughters for freedom should personally have at least one son or daughter involved.  Things might look a bit different in Iraq if sweet Jenna were over there riding around atop a Humvee.  Of course, she would probably be surrounded by a couple hundred Blackwater/Halliburton security guards, but, hey, it is the thought that counts.

Quickie survey: Who would you prefer as your next Commander-in-Chief: “Shotgun” Cheney ( “I had other priorities”) , or General Powell? See how tough it is?



  1. Latest word from the Iraqui Front is that General Petraus created his own successful surge by paying the Sunni rebels large amounts of cash to “get out of town”, and, yes, keep your weapons. Just imagine if we had done this 6 years ago: all the lives and dollars we would have saved. It takes two sides to fight a war.

  2. Here is a late update: Historians please note that our government took my advice and surged into Afghanistan, thus saving that poor country too. Now that we succeeded there, it appears we are setting our sights on North Korea. Good luck with that. Haven’t we been there before?

  3. Seems to me that no has noticed how many media people and political experts are just now noticing how really BAD ol’ GW really was as a president, maybe the worst ever. If you read my blogs, I have been saying that right along. Why am I the only one to notice?

  4. Today I read (on facebook) that Shotgun Dick Chaney actually ran the government while VP, and GW was just a straw dummy. Well, Duhhhh! Anyone who survived that era and paid attention knew who was pulling the strings (and doing a p***-poor job of it). We may never recover. Maybe that is why you don’t see either of them touring the country and bragging on their accomplishments.

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