Posted by: winteridge | September 11, 2007

Say Whut?

Speaking of hearing problems, as I believe we were, I have always wondered why hearing aids are not treated as legitimate medical devices. Why are the folks who sell hearing devices considered on a level with used automobile, vacuum cleaner, and brush salesmen, and not with eyeglass and dental technicians? Why are these medical devices not covered by Medicare and other health insurances? Aren’t they considered a health aid? They certainly cost enough. Who is it that decides these things? Shouldn’t they at least be in a class with chiropractors?

My own experience with these “technicians” is perhaps typical. In a weak moment, I was approached by a slick-talking purveyor of hearing devices, and purchased a pair of these electronic miracles that I could ill afford. By the time I realized that I would not “get used to them”, and that, in most circumstances, such as crowded rooms, I could hear better without them, my warranty had expired. And when I really needed them, they would go dead for no reason, even with new batteries. For a while after that, I attempted a few times to have the devices electronically adjusted by the technician (they tend to move their offices quite a bit, and are sometimes difficult to find) , but mostly they wanted to replace my outmoded models with the newest, most wonderous, most comprehensive version, for only about one year of my social security income, with a modest trade-in, of course. Not! So my old models lie in a drawer, gathering dust, and I hear most things I want to hear without help.

But does it have to be this way? When are we going to bring these wonderful products out of the world of slick willy, back alley marketing and make it a viable medical asset? Say whut? I thought as much.

But wait, you might say, wasn’t the Medicare program set up to help the elderly pay for medical necessities, like eyeglasses, dentures, hip joints, and such?  Why not hearing devices also?  Say, whut?


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