Posted by: winteridge | September 12, 2007

Surge Protection

Did anyone else notice that Congressman Walsh of Central New York and Congressman McHugh of Upstate NY both recently participated in fact-finding junkets to Iraq, and came back with totally opposite conclusions?  Mr. McHugh enthused that the surge was working, we are winning again, casualties are down (even though about 200 people were killed the day of his press conference), and our fearless leader should continue on course steady as she goes.  Mr. Walsh, in a complete turnabout from his former stance, decided that the Iraqi “War” is unwinnable…by us, and that we should withdraw and let the Iraqis decide their fate politically.  He noted that the surge was not working, the situation keeps getting worse, and everything seems to be out of our control.

One has to wonder if these congressmen on their missions stayed in the same hotels, used the same tour guides, visited the same strategic areas, ate at the same restaurants, and talked with the same military advisors, then still came up with totally different pictures of the situation.  Or maybe if some preconceived notions enter in there.  And you thought the president’s task was easy!  What is the real story?


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