Posted by: winteridge | September 15, 2007

No Aquafer Me?

All those folks on Tug Hill whose wells are pumping nothing but dust this summer should be real pleased to hear that Maine’s Poland Springs megabottler is planning to tap into the Tug Aquifer near Pulaski and start pumping the water out to sell. 1.5 million gallons every day.  Bad enough we have to build landfills all over the Tug Hill-we have yet to see the effects of those on the water, but now we are going to pump it dry. I mean, clean water is one of the few assets this area has that much of the country, the world even, does not have. Why do we not try to protect it? No, let them put it in plastic bottles and sell it for $20 bucks a gallon or whatever. Makes no sense to me…

The only good part is now when your well runs dry and you have to go out to the local quikstop to get your drinking water, you will know you are buying locally grown natural spring water for your $20. Now many of the bottlers are using filtered tap water, same as you and I drink, though at least they no longer sell it disguised as spring water. If they can successfully market Lake Ontario water and convince folks that it is better for them than the water they have at home, that seems to be the way to go. At least it is better than CokePepsi.

Poland Springs, you will recall, has been pumping Maine lake water out of the Maine aquifer for many years.  Now I understand that the state of Maine has noticed this, and is planning to restrict these activities and perhaps even tax the water that is removed.  Perhaps that is why Poland Springs is looking at Upstate New York.  And Poland Springs, by the way, is owned by Nestle, the same Nestle that dealt the City of Fulton a bittersweet blow a few years back by moving their chocolate manufacturing out of the City, to China or somewhere.  Welcome back, neighbor!


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