Posted by: winteridge | September 21, 2007

Searching for Toronto

Thinkin’ baseball today. Congratulations to the Class A Auburn Doubledays for their great league championship. Does that mean that in a couple of years all those champs will be playing at Class AAA Syracuse and maybe we can win something? (Both Auburn and Syracuse are Toronto affiliates.) Seems like every year Auburn wins their league-don’t know where the players go from there…  People under 30 in Syracuse have never seen the Skychiefs win.

And with Syracuse being the top minor league affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays, why is it that we cannot get any broadcasts of Toronto games in Central New York, unless the Jays are playing the Yankees?  Maybe there is an international law?  Just wonderin’

Back when I first got interested in Syracuse Chiefs baseball, I was an avid Yankee fan, and the Chiefs were the Yanks’ top farm club. Even won a championship once in a while.  It made it more interesting to watch some of the players develop; Munson, Guidry, Shopay, even Ron Blomberg, and then see them perform with the Yankees in the show. I kind of lost interest when Syracuse signed on with Toronto-one hardly ever sees them on TV, and it is too far to drive to see a baseball game. Sometimes a Syracuse player gets traded to New York or Atlanta and you catch him on TV, but why no Toronto coverage here? Strange.



  1. Problem solved, as the Syracuse club finally broke with Toronto and signed with the Washington franchise. Of course, here in Central NY we will never have coverage of Washington games either, but they do play the Mets sometimes. At least we seem to get better players from Washington. We shall see…

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