Posted by: winteridge | September 21, 2007

Snowmobiling Tug Hill

Lake Effect Snow

Well, as always happens, the days are getting short, the nights are getting cool, and the leaves are coming down. In no time, the hunting moon will be here, then comes Winter. Great, if you are a snowmobiler…I gave all that up.

But if you are looking for some fantastic snowmobiling with miles and miles of great trails, usually snow-covered, and you need a place to stay on Tug Hill, check out our winteridgefarm. See my winteridge farm link below on the right.

You will love it.




  1. John,
    Looking at the old barn brings back memories of 40 years ago. Haying the fields, snowmobiling with the boys to Barnes Corners, hunting with Uncle Lee and even picking Strawberries with Aunt Evelyn at night with lanterns.

    Take care John,

  2. Snow is great up there right now! What a great place for snowmobiling, or just to get away from everything.

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