Posted by: winteridge | September 28, 2007


I think any sane person will agree with me that all this multi-media, text-messaging, tv-watching, music-playing cell phone usage reaches a new low almost every day. Most everyone now has a phone stuck in her/his ear constantly, even in inappropriate places, like church, hospitals, concerts, driving a car, and even, yes, bingo halls. The only ones we haven’t seen text-messaging (so far) are toddlers in strollers. Is all this necessary? What did we ever do before 24/7 instant communications?

Of course, some of this new communication is good, but I think what we really need is some education and training on when and where it is appropriate to use a phone, which, it should be pointed out, is not a toy. Perhaps ATT/Cingular/Verizon/Cricket should be required to give 10-hour classes before you sign that multi-year contract, with instructions on when cellular calls are appropriate, turning on/off, turning down volume, and eliminating obnoxious ring tones. Final exam could be like a driver test, where you would be required to show your expertise in sending a text message while driving in 4 lanes of expressway traffic at 70 mph and multitasking, like applying makeup, tuning your car’s mapquest, and sipping your latte. Maybe even make it a farewell message to your favorite relative or friend, you know, just in case.  If you survive, you are certified.

Driving in traffic while calling, text messaging, watching videos, or whatever, makes the least sense. And for some reason, when it causes an accident, like with DWI, it is usually someone other than the errant driver who is fatally injured. Just does not make sense! Just driving a car in today’s insane traffic is challenge enough for most of us, especially those with no driver training. Is that call really necessary?


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