Posted by: winteridge | October 2, 2007

How would you vote?

I actually had a mailing (at taxpayer expense, no doubt-I chewed the card up in frustration and threw it out, wish I had kept it) from local Congressman Jim Walsh, asking for our help in his vote on a most important issue. (Yes, our Congressman has trouble making decisions. Usually, when he has a choice, like the Iraqi War, he “votes his mind”, whatever that means.) Anyway, it seems congress is working on an illegal alien bill, and part of that, as I understand it, is to cover illegals with free health insurance as part of medicare. No, really! Most of our working population is paying ten grand or more a year for health insurance, or going without health coverage because they cannot afford it, but our government wants to give free coverage to people who are here illegally in the first place. And thru the Medicare program, which is already financially burdened. If I were to sneak into Mexico, would they provide me free health coverage? Oh, si, si, senor! Just step down this alley…If this is the best our congress can come up with, perhaps more of them should be spending more time hanging out in public rest rooms and forget trying to make laws. I believe President Bush is opposed to this provision, and plans to veto it. For once in 6 years, I’m afraid I agree with him on something. Those folks in Washington keep making Hillary look better and better! Frightening. Even more scary is that Congressman Walsh would feel a need to survey his voting public before he makes a public stand on this.



  1. No health insurance for aliens until I HAVE IT.

  2. Yeah, you probably think the immigrants shouldn’t be collecting your social security either. I mean, they may have worked, somewhere… Not their fault there was no retirement program to pay into.

  3. And now New York’s Governor Spitzer wants to supply all our illegal aliens with driver licenses, thus making them legal, or at least to drive a NYC taxicab. But wait, if you were in this country illegally to begin with, would you go to the DMV and sign up? And does that make you legal? Is the idea just to get a record of who is actually here? And if you are here illegally, does it matter WHY you are here? Could you get a license to fly a jet plane too? This needs some more rethinking. It appears the Guv needs some help. If only New York had a legislature that actually does something…other than run for re-election every couple of years on promises to reform their dysfunctional legislature. Mr Bruno is our last hope…

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