Posted by: winteridge | October 13, 2007


It appears that this year’s baseball playoffs are pretty much over, especially for a Yankees fan like me. And Syracuse University football, well, fans here are looking forward to basketball season, which starts up shortly. Give the football team another year to find themselves.

I am not much into the NBA, but I do love college basketball. The only thing, y’know, that, y’know, diminishes, y’know, the, y’know, experience for me, y’know, is having to, y’know, endure the dreaded, y’know, player, y’know, interview. Do they not notice how distracting and annoying this is? I tend to focus on the “y’knows” so much that I have no idea what the player is saying.

One would think that the colleges, being a training ground for professional sports, would recognize that some of these young athletes will some day be beloved national heros, idolized and imitated by thousands of youngsters, and be subjected to game interviews, talk shows, and court appearances on a regular basis. Why not give them some college training in public speaking? Y’know? Or, worse yet, maybe they do give classes.

My own vision of the ultimate player interview would go something like this: Hyper TV announcer: (Does anyone else hit the mute button when Dickie V. starts his performance?) “OK, Baaayyybeee! Millions of viewers just saw you score 100 points, 52 assists, 72 blocked shots, and singlehandedly win the basketball national championship! Tell us all about the game.” Star player: “Y’Know!”

That says it all.



  1. I love to play “Count the ‘You Know’s’ In An Interview.” My all-time favorite was former Texas Rangers pitcher Darren Oliver who used the phrase “y’know” fifteen times in a fourteen second soundbite.

    I ran that on my radio show for a solid week. That’s a playoff-level performance.

  2. Now I think NY Senator-in-waiting Caroline Kennedy, in the few short public appearances she has had, takes the top honors. Y’know?

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