Posted by: winteridge | November 29, 2007

Wandering a bit

I just read that a couple of local Tug Hill deer poachers were apprehended and fined by the D.E.C. for “jacking” deer at night in Martinsburg. Every little bit helps. We find the remains of deer carcasses everywhere on the Tug in late summer and early fall; they shoot it, take the hind quarters and loins, and leave the rest where it fell. One wouldn’t mind so much if they were killing illegally to feed their starving children and not to sell the meat, in which case they would take every scrap, even the soup bones. And of course, they have to drive their 4WD truck around in the crop fields, destroying them. Hey, that’s where the deer are…

So glad to hear that the madness of “Black Friday” is over for another year, with the mob scenes, traffic jams, and all that merriment. Aren’t you just a bit ashamed for joining that foolishness? More about that later.

As it has been for many years, the property tax problem keeps getting worse and worse, especially for us Seniors with limited incomes. The real estate madness keeps pushing property values up, and your assessment (and property tax) keeps increasing, no matter if you sell your home or not. I wonder if assessments will go down, now that the housing boom has busted again? Fat chance. The part that does not make sense here is that no matter what the market does, the value of my home does not increase until I sell it. If I buy a house for $50,000, that value should stay with it as long as I own it, even if some assessor says it is now worth $200,000. If I should sell and someone pays me $200,000, only then should the assessed value go up. It’s that simple.

I sent a commentary email to Hillary at the US Senate, and it came back to me “unknown recipient”. I knew she has been busy on the campaign trail for the past few years, and not spending much time representing New Yorkers, but come on! Unknown?

And speaking of misrepresenting, whatever happened to Rummie? Is he serving as ambassador to Iran or some such? Have not heard about him. Of course, he was deservedly blamed for mismanaging the Great War, but, gee, he did win the Cold War. Or at least he is signing the Certificate of Appreciation going out to the Cold War Veterans (but only if they ask for one) thanking them for helping to win WWIII. That warms the heart.

I keep getting the same annoying phone calls from an unidentified number, with the message: “All our operators are busy right now, please hold until someone is available.” Well, duh! Call me when you are NOT too busy. I can’t imagine anyone would be dumb enough to wait for that caller. I usually hang up on unidentified callers anyway. If they are hiding their phone number, like the politicians with their canned message, it can’t be anything I need to hear. And they are already violating my “Do Not Call” request. What is it about DO NOT CALL that is so hard to understand?

I am not a football fan, and especially not the current Syracuse University product, but I did happen to catch a recent interview with SU coach Greg (2-10) Robinson, where he was asked if he was worried about losing his job. His reply was that he did not worry about things that he couldn’t control, like being fired or what is happening on the football field. Wait, stop right there…isn’t the game what a coach is paid to control? Like calling plays, reading strategies, changing players. Maybe there is a clue here to their dismal record.

I woke up this morning with a scary thought-maybe from the pizza I had last nite.  From all I have heard and read for the past 4-5 years, Hillary’s chief claim to the Presidency appears to be her Presidential “experience” as First Lady for 8 years. Certainly not her senatorial experience. If that is what it takes, perhaps the Republicans will be pushing Laura B. to continue all the good things “W” has undertaken. Oops, I guess I shouldn’t be giving them ideas; The Rover is still lurking out there somewhere. I’m sure LB would carry Florida and Ohio at least.  Remember, over half the Americans who vote allegedly chose GW.  Twice.  At least, being female, Laura would be right 100% of the time, and that’s 100% better than GW.



  1. Actually that is the way that property tax works in California. It does create its own problems.

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