Posted by: winteridge | December 4, 2007

No Rebates For You!

Latest update on my Home Depot Rebate struggle: The first 3 times they said they did not have my paperwork, which I sent and sent and sent. Next it was you do not qualify as a receipt was missing-sent another copy. Now the latest is that I do not qualify because the product I purchased is not energy-efficient. (Whose fault is that?) Told the girl that I have the rebate form in front of me and there is no mention of that. The product just has to cost over $299, and mine was $499. And the store told me I would qualify. She sez I have to go back to store management, and I said we know where that would go; it does say on the rebate form that store has nothing to do with rebates, it has to come from her. It is almost, I said almost, funny. Are they trained to put customers thru all this, or just incompetent? Either give a rebate or don’t, and don’t advertise it if you are not planning to pay it. I told her it does not make good sense to lose a good customer, plus possibly all my friends and relatives and anyone I talk to, for a lousy $50 rebate. Also told her that Lowe’s is building a shiny new store right across the mall from Home Depot, and any business I have will go there in the future. As if they care. They will one day go the way of Chase Pitkin and Grants and all the others who disdain the customer in favor of the bottom line. No doubt they get paid based on the number of rebates they can deny. I went thru the same thing with Dell a few years ago, but finally got my $150, and after that the government got after them. So my project for today is to locate the NY Attorney General’s office and see what they will do.

So my moral here is don’t buy at the Home Depot based just on a possible rebate-it ain’t coming! Deceptive advertising? Fraudulent marketing? Customer Service.  Who cares?  Not home depot.



  1. I am going to walk by the Attorney General’s office on my way to work but I don’t think that’s very helpful to you.

  2. I do need Spitzler’s email address. Oops, no, sorry, it is Cuomo now. Maybe you could stop in and ask Andrew what is the best way to get Home Despot to pay up.

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