Posted by: winteridge | December 8, 2007

Laura For President!

From my innocent, well, perhaps somewhat sarcastic suggestion here, the groundswell movement to make Laura Bush our next president is really taking off. I mean, think about it: 20-something years at the right hand of the Great Decider, watching, listening, learning, (maybe even deciding sometimes), well, even Hillary would be hard put to match Presidential Experience like that. And Laura is better looking too. She could even steal the Democrats’ thunder by adopting their slogan for 2008: “How Could She Be Any Worse than what we have now?”



  1. Vote Librarian in ’08

  2. See? Mebbe she smart too. Reads books?

  3. I tried to post a comment earlier, however it hasn’t shown up. I believe your spam filter might be broken?

  4. it seems to work for SPAM?

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