Posted by: winteridge | December 17, 2007


dove in a storm

We are just sitting around today, keeping the woodstove warm and waiting for the latest Nor’Easter to blow through, and watching all the birds on our feeders. We have quite a variety, with jays, cardinals, doves, sparrows, finches, chickadees, juncos, nuthatches, turkeys (or is that turkies?),and a few I don’t recognize. And the squirrels come, of course. Funny how the birds can come in to a feeder 10 times their size, full of seeds, and they still have to fight over who gets to eat. The jays chase the cardinals who chase the sparrows who chase the chickadees who chase each other. They spend more energy fighting over food than eating. Kind of like people, I guess; none of them can just get along and use their energy to survive. At least they don’t seem to be killing each other like humans, except for the local redtailed hawk, he gets his licks in. He has a whole different concept of “bird-feeders”.

At least they don’t seem to have the ethnic and religious problems thrown in to disagree over, the way we do. Anyway, all this just gives me an excuse to post up my latest bird feeder photo. And the storm is supposed to be over tomorrow. Only 3 or 4 months of this left ’til Spring.  Oh yeah, I just declared my own snow emergency.



  1. LOL, good point. Animals fight over girls and food. Men fight over girls, food, land, and control. And sometimes, just for fun (“sports”).

    Yeah, I’d rather be bird-watching, too.

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