Posted by: winteridge | December 20, 2007


kitchencabin on the hill

We have been hard at work in our spare time getting our second Tug Hill camp ready to rent to snowmobilers. The snow has been great there so far this year, and demand is excellent. This is a small camp we call “Camp Oscar” in memory of Brother Kenn, who built it. It sits atop a hill with a great view of our stream, woodlands, fields, and the local windmills. One of the major Tug Hill snowmobile trails, I believe they dub it #5, runs right by at the bottom of the hill. We just need a few finishing touches and it will be ready for your visit. I will throw in a couple of photos. If it interests you, contact Jim at:, or view our site at Happy Trails!



  1. I’m interested in visiting you by the end of winter which of today MARCH 2nd, 2008 it is getting rather late in the season. I’m wondering I find the sport exillerating. How much would it cost for 2 or 3 days rental and insurance. What about lodging will you also rent out a Lodge cabin (Small two-person) for stay near or on the trails? Could you let me know thanks.

  2. One of our renters sent a great group of photos from his visit last year. Just to give you an idea:

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