Posted by: winteridge | December 29, 2007

More Rebates

It would really be interesting to sit in on the marketing meetings at some of our major manufacturers.  Kind of like watching the NYS Legislature in session.  A good example is the latest product rebate we encountered.  “What were they thinking?”

Of course, it is traditional to start the Christmas shopping frenzy in October now, but we usually don’t get into it until after Thanksgiving.  This year, on November 28, we bought a cookware set as a Christmas gift for our daughter at one of the major stores-Kohl’s in Clay, NY.  I noted a design on the box that proclaimed: $10 Rebate Form inside! No details.  But that wasn’t really our reason for buying.  A nice bonus though.

Now when one purchases a gift, one does not usually take it home and open it up and rifle thru it-we set it aside to be dealt with and gift wrapped on Christmas eve.  Imagine our surprise when the box was opened on Christmas day to find a rebate form that boldly states “Must be submitted within 15 days of purchase date.”  Fifteen days!  What were they thinking?  

So now I have to do the rebate battle thing with an outfit named Tabletops Unlimited (Chinese of course) over my ten dollars.  I searched them a bit on google and, surprise, they have a number of unhappy rebate customers-some have been waiting over a year!  But, hey, maybe I will be one of the lucky ones.  But can’t you just picture the marketing people discussing this proposed strategy?  “Make them submit the rebate within 15 days-no one will notice that until too late.  And if a few of them do, we just lose their paperwork”  No Rebates For You!  I hope the NY State Attorney General is investigating this.



  1. Let’s hope at least that the pans are any good.

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