Posted by: winteridge | July 26, 2008


Recently my daughter sent me a link to an Albany area blogger who had ventured up to visit the Tug Hill Wind Farm and appeared to be offended by their existence.  Abominable!  (Side note: legend has it that The Tug may be one of the habitats of the Abominable Snowman.)  For some reason this attitude also offended me, and I attempted to educate, enlighten, and point out to him some of the good things about windmills, such as renewable energy, the economic boost to the area, the awesome beauty of the windmills, etc.  Maybe T. Boone Pickens could manage it.  “The Plan”.  At least T. Boone has an energy plan, unlike our current administration.  BTW, whatever happened to Dick Cheney?

Speaking of abominations, I am not sure how this Albany person found his way to Lowville-I know that few of Albany’s politicians have made it in the past 100 or so years-but he must have passed by the Lowville version of the supercolassalmegamart, or some like it.  Seems there is one on nearly every corner now, like the gasoline service stations of old.  Remember “service”, when they pumped your gas with a smile, checked your oil, even washed your windshield?  Now you just get hosed-and that is self-service.  Anyway, those megamalls are my idea of abominable.  I hear that Albany even has a double-decker one.  Whoooeee!  Sure, they add a few low-paying jobs to the local economy, and make some of the local stores more price conscious, (or drive them out of business), but at what cost?  And in a few short years, they will be vacant buildings with weeds growing in the supermega parking lot.  Now that is offensive!

Maybe I just take things like this too personally, even though I have no personal stake in the wind farm.  I was just born and raised there.  Got to keep more of a sense of humor.  I can’t stop civilization.  Can’t stop progress.  Can’t change the attitude of a passerby who is offended by progress, even though he has no idea what was there before the windmills.  Wait until he sees the natural gas wells next time he stops by. Or the Oswego nuke plants-now THERE is abominable!  Or how about the landfill that sits atop the Tug Hill pure water aquifer?  Of course, that cannot be seen from the road, so it’s ok.


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