Posted by: winteridge | August 4, 2008

Truth in Packaging III

As I attempt to indulge in my weekly shower, I am once again reminded of one of my pet peeves in life-containers that do not identify their contents for all to see.  Picture this; I am in a hot, steamy shower, no eyeglasses of course, and I reach for the shampoo bottle amid our collection of conditioners, shampoos, body washes, and exfoliants.  (Isn’t exfoliant like defoliant?  Like Roundup and Agent Orange?  Read the fine print.)  Thru the haze I can read, in LARGE bold print; honeysuckle, fructis, light & free, herbal escape, kiwi, lime, moisture beads, mango & pomegranate, mountain fresh, even green tea with cucumber!  Ah, there it is, the fine print down at the bottom near the ingredients, shampoo.  Are they ashamed to tell us what they are bottling?  Why not SHAMPOO at the top of the label in bold print?  Witch hazel?  Sandalwood & cinnamon? Herbal Escape?  Why do they think pouring a mess of fresh fruit or mixed salad on my hair is good?  Or even worse, green tea and cucumber?  To “Inspire my mood”?  And “20% more free”.  That’s a laugh.  None of it is free.  I just want to wash my dwindling hair.  Why not a label that says it is body wash (is that like soap?) or shampoo or whatever?

And dish soap!  Did you ever confuse dishwasher detergent and dishwashing detergent (read the fine print) and have your dishwasher blow and cover the kitchen floor with a foot of suds?  Tiny Bubbles?  Shades of Lawrence Welk and his bubble machine. Why can’t they just tell us what is in that bottle?

We did find some honest package labeling at Price Chopper last week though.  They call their cereal “Sugar Squares”  Let the parents know that the kiddies are getting a straight dose of sugar to start the day.  Forget the fibre content and colesterol fighting grains and all that.  Tell it like it is.  We can handle it.


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