Posted by: winteridge | August 22, 2008

Deja Vu

I suppose this is nothing to brag on, but I note that our esteemed presidential candidates are now calling for a desurge of our troops in Iraq and a resurge to Afganistan, or maybe even Georgia.  Regular readers of my blog will take note that I put forth that same game plan, er, military strategy, in September of 2007.  Did they give me credit for it?  Nooooooo.

Speaking of that, our president interrupted his loooooong vacation for a moment to rattle swords at Russia for invading Georgia.  Sobering thought: I wonder if he realizes that this Georgia is actually a country in Europe, and not the US southern state near where GW fought the vietnam war?  It was frightening to hear GW and Condi, pokerfaced, explaining to the Russians that in the 21st century, large nations do not invade smaller helpless nations and destroy their cities and murder their civilians without cause.  Except for us, of course.

And whatever happened to VP Chaney?  Seems like he took his secret energy policy and retired to an undisclosed location.  Are we still paying his salary?  Wouldn’t you love to know what went on in that secret energy meeting with him and the oil barons?  Well, maybe not…

And I was amazed to read one of our local NY legislators going on about how very happy he was that Gov Paterson let the legislators and the public know that the state is in dire financial trouble (he really didn’t know?), and how he welcomed the opportunity to go back to Albany for a special session (interrupting THEIR long vacation) and do some actual legislating-type work.  Time to vote them all out!  If only we could get all our voters to remember these antics in November.  Vote against all incumbents, that is my policy.  A rookie cannot be worse that what we have in Albany now.

Back to the presidential race, I caught part of a speech by John (4 more years!) McCain to a veterans group, where he was berating congress for taking a 5 week vacation instead of passing an offshore oil deal.  Wait, didn’t John used to be a senator?  A member of that same congress?  Still is?  How long since he has been back to washington?  He takes more time off than Hilly or GW.  Offshore drilling won’t help the energy problem for 5 or 8 years, so what’s the rush?  Cheney has it all under control.

I am puzzled that McCain, and even Joe Biden, can openly criticize the congress for its lousy record in getting anything done.  They have both been senior members of the senate for about 50 years.  Seems like if they were going to accomplish anything, they would have done it by now.  It is not likely to get any easier after they move from congress to the white house.

What really irks me in this presidential race is all the stupid-no, ignorant, people spreading the rumors (“forward this email to everyone you know!”) about Obama being muslim and anti-American.  The Rover at work again?  I mean, if you were striving to be elected president of the third most powerful nation in the world, would you openly appear at a press conference with silver paint on your hands where you had just painted over the US flag on your personal jet?  Think, people!  Would you make a big deal about not wearing a flag on your lapel?  You would wrap yourself in the flag if it would help.  Does GW wear a flag?  He has done more to bring about the downfall of our country than any president since LBJ.  And some of you allegedly elected him…twice.

And then there is Hillary, stating that Americans are all waiting for the convention, to find out where the candidates really stand on the important issues.  Right!  Did she ever notice that most of the candidates, including her, avoid the issues completely, or change their stance from day to day or audience to audience?  How does a voter guess where they stand, and how that stand will change after elections?

In my opinion, Barack is the only one of the bunch who has actually had nothing to do with the mess we are in, regardless of McCain’s commercials.  And the only one who wants to change things.  Let’s give him a chance, if he thinks he can go up against the “Good ol’ Boys” and move them.  Can’t be any worse than what we have.  I don’t think we can survive 4 more years of what we have.  I still am not sure what he plans to change or how he will do it, but I’m all for giving him a chance.  But then I voted for Ross Periot.  Could he have been any worse than what we got?

And if John McCain really intends to give us “4 More Years” of the same economic progress and world dominance, he really should be considering Laura Bush as his VP.  She has everything that we admire in Hillary.  White House experience, youth, intelligence, good looks, and she is a Woman.  And no Billy.  No experience in congress, but then Hilly doesn’t have much either-maybe a few hours here and there.



  1. They came back so they could all go to the Travers Stakes in Saratoga this weekend.

  2. Welllllll, you know, can’t be all work with no play. If passing responsible laws and approving balanced budgets were easy, they would be doing it all the time.

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