Posted by: winteridge | September 5, 2008


After viewing both of our national conventions, or at least parts of them, I am convinced that the Republican delegates seriously need to do more than party and wave funny signs.  Think, people!  McCain and Palin?  As I recall, John McCain was a presidential candidate in both 2000 and 2004.  If he is the best choice now, why was he overlooked then?  Second best, next to George Bush?  Please.  I can almost laugh when he talks about cleaning up the corruption in Washington:  he has been part of that scene for 25 years!  Isn’t that a fox guarding the henhouse sort of thing?

And VP Sarah was cute when she pleaded that someone would have to explain to her what a VP does, as she has no idea what her duties are.  Here’s hoping they don’t choose Cheney to tutor her.  Maybe Bush Sr.?  And I could not believe when I read an expert’s attempt to justify Sarah’s foreign policy experience by stating that she had once visited Canada, and may have vacationed in Mexico.  Cancun, maybe?  That should do it.  And, oh yeah, isn’t Alaska very near to Russia?  But I don’t agree that we should be attacking her family problems.  Of course, she will have to find a job for her new son-in-law, no doubt.  Maybe buy him a baseball team?  Do they have baseball in Alaska?  Maybe hockey.

I did like her ideas about cleaning up the government and throwing out the lobbyists, dishonest congressmen, money-changers and all.  John may have to direct her though:  “No, Sarah, No.  Good Lobbyist!  He gives US money.”  But I understand she does have experience with lobbyists.

How is it VP Biden puts it:  “That’s not Change!   That’s More of the Same!”  Is anyone out there surprised?  All of this noise is designed to keep any of them from discussing anything important to us po’ folks, like the economy and fuel problems and the past 8 long years.

Speaking of our current VP, word is out now that he is responsible for the short war in Georgia (not the US state).  Must be part of his energy policy.  And now we are going to send Georgia a mere billion dollars.  Couldn’t New Orleans use that money?  Or our schools?  Or the millions without healthcare?  Does anyone know how much food $billion would buy for our hungry?  Wouldn’t that at least fund another economic stimuli payment?  Where does that stimulus money come from?  “More of the same”.

And we just keep re-electing them.



  1. I don’t need a billion dollars. If they give me a couple hundred to go see the ear doctor I promise not to complain about their “splendid little war.”

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  3. Thanks dude, wonderful to enjoy you back again 🙂

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