Posted by: winteridge | September 23, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

It is interesting to note that in all our recent major financial crises, one or more of the Bush family has had his hand in the till, so to speak.  Whether it is Reaganomics, Harvard/Yale Economics I, or Grampa Prescott’s teaching, whenever there is stock manipulation, banks failing, or multibillion dollar taxpayer bailouts, you can be sure Neal (or Neil), George I, Jeb, or George W is close by, ready to bail out the country.

It was Neil, you may recall, back during George the First’s era, who was heavily involved in the 200 billion dollar Savings and Loans scandals, and Neil and many of his associates were severely slapped on the wrist.  We can only assume they were allowed to keep the billions they had moved out the back doors of the S&Ls.

Now with the current Wall Street crisis, we have stepped things up a bit.  $700 billion and counting.  And GW wants congress to give him a blank check, with his assurance that he will do what is right for His Country.  Where is ol Neil these days?  Still wildcatting in Dubai?  Or heading up the Nigerian email scams?  Maybe we need to call in Halliburton?  And isn’t it strange that our 2 major presidential candidates are both responsible for the current crisis?  Or at least according to their opponents.  At least we won’t need a plan from either of them, as George will surely have it all settled by November.  Brother Jeb has stated publicly that GW will be remembered as one of our Great Presidents.  Maybe not, but he will surely be remembered.

Not that 700 trillion or billion or whatever it is, is a lot of money.  About like a year of profits by exonmobileshellBP, or the average joe’s credit card balance.  But wouldn’t it be simpler, and less costly, to remove these wall street financial wizards, give them a few million each for their good work, and run them out of town?  Give someone else a chance.

I do agree, though, that we need someone to watch over all those Wall Street financial experts.  Where is Elliot Spitzer when we need him?  One has to feel sorry for all those employees of Lehman and AIG and all, at least the ones who don’t line up for multi-million dollar buyout packages.  But surely some of them had to know that what they were doing was illegal, immoral, or at least unhealthy?  Prosecution?  Don’t even think about it!

Oh yeah, and we keep hearing reassurances from the financial experts that if us little people have all our retirement monies in mutual funds, it is perfectly safe-not to worry.  Take it from one who took a big hit on his IRA in the last stock market “adjustment”-‘taint so!  And GW presided over that one too.  “NINE-ELEVEN!”  That one covered a lot of sins.



  1. Ok, so if you are with me this far, you probably wonder, as I did, where is this huge pile of money coming from. Our friendly Chinese bankers? No, part of our CRISIS Bailout Package (Got to get 9/11 in there somewhere) is to increase our National Debt Limit from a paltry $10 badamegatrillion to $12 skadabadabazillion. This means that your grandgrandgrandgrand-children will be paying for this mess in easy monthly payments.
    But wait, opportunity knocks here. When those Wall Street financial genuises start paying back their unsecured loan, why not channel all our enormous earnings into our Social Security Fund? Maybe cover Healthcare too. With AIG and all those folks making money for us, (honestly) our children’s children could be retiring on social security benefits of a half million each year! And of course, the stock market is SAFE, right? Gotta call Hillary.

  2. I just read a blog comment suggesting that instead of giving AIG their $85 billion, we line up all adult Americans and pass it out to them. He calculates something near $145000 apiece. That sounds high to me, but my pocket calculator doesn’t carry that many zeros. Maybe he is using the British billion. Anyway, that should be an economic stimuli that would cure wall street, the economy, the auto industry, the whole works. Think about it!
    Of course, this was before the $700 billion plan surfaced. Now. I have not calculated, as all those strings of zeros confuse me, but that should equal about a half million for each of us. Now we are talking about taking care of our healthcare, social security, the infrastructure, the whole future. Of course, this would all be taxable income, so that would right the state and federal government too. hmmmmmmmm.

  3. Too late, folks. All those blood-thirsty wolves they call Lobbyists in DC have smelled all those billions in the air, and come a-running. When they finish, there won’t be enough left to bail out a Wall Street newsboy. Of course, we still have to pay it back.

  4. Come on now, admit it. Didn’t you like the old days better when these financial wizards, when caught short, would find a high building and try to fly, instead of just grabbing a few billion of our $$$ and running out. They should be made to pay somehow.

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