Posted by: winteridge | October 1, 2008

Back When I Was Your Age…

I just read a great column in today’s Syracuse Post Standard by Sean Kirst on the Great Depression which was brought on by the stock market crash (sound familiar?) and the folks who experienced it, the lessons they learned, and how, with the passing of that generation, those lessons have been mostly forgotten.  Perhaps we need to step back and reconsider our credit cards and mortgage policies and auto loans and all that, if it is not too late.

My own parents survived the depression on a farm on Tug Hill, so at least they mostly had their meat and potatoes, but money was hard to come by.  My Dad sold produce, when he could find a buyer with money, or swapped for shoes for the kids or flour and such.  In his spare time, he trapped and sold furs, hunted, whatever he could do to keep going.  Seems like he always had a few relatives or friends stopping by to stay a few days, or weeks, or months, especially in winter.  Some of those relatives he had never known before, but he never turned them away, with the pretense of needing their help with the farm work.  You just survived.  Many, many people lost jobs, homes, savings…nearly everything they had.  Here’s hoping we don’t revert to that.  Apparently that was another piece of history we didn’t learn from.


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