Posted by: winteridge | October 4, 2008

I come, bearing gifts, for you…

  • With another election in the offing, our numerous state legislators and wannabees are back in town, all promising, if elected, to go to Albany and “Fight” for lower taxes; “Fight” for more jobs; “Fight for less spending; “Fight” for education; and so on.  I never understood who it is they fight.  Maybe with less fighting, they might get something done.
  • And just last month, the Governor had to call them all back to work to explain that he didn’t have money to pay bills and we had a deficit budget and they HAD to cut spending!  Oh, yeah, no problem.  Shortly after, I read that one of our local legislators was back in town with a half million dollars he had “found” in the budget, offering it to a reluctant local town for new Little League facilities or whatever.  I wonder if he made it to Gov. Paterson’s Special Session at all?  If only the Guv could find the storeroom where they keep the pork, or “entitlements”, I guess they are called.  Mr Bruno must have given the key to someone.  If we could only recapture $500,000 from every local pork barrel project, seems like that would go a long way toward easing the state deficit.  Those “gifts” sound good just before an election though.  Got to keep on fighting for us.
  • This is OUR chance, people, and if we don’t do it, we deserve the government we get.  Vote them out of office, no matter what party they belong to.  Let them know that things need to change.  If they are running unapposed, let them know anyway that we will get them next time.  VOTE! against any incumbent.  It can’t be worse than the dysfunction we have now.  Your local news media will all be endorsing the incumbents, per usual, as “they have the experience”, but, like John McCain, that type of experience is not what we need.

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