Posted by: winteridge | November 2, 2008

Dear Governor

Letter to Governor Paterson:
Dear Governor:
I know this is a busy time for you, what with the national elections, the economic problems, and New York’s financial woes, but I did want to write and thank you for bringing to the attention of New York’s residents and legislators how serious our budget deficits are.  How long can we continue to spend more than our annual revenues?  How long can we continue to raise taxes on those who have not already left the state?
A recent article in the Syracuse newspaper polled a number of local legislators and would-be legislators, asking for their ideas on eliminating our multi-billion dollar deficits and saving New York State from financial ruin.  Not surprisingly, they received the usual suggestions to cut state employees (except for legislators), reduce state spending, cut funding of schools and medical care, and eliminate state commissions that are no longer needed.  Based on this, I’m sure that you will receive the full cooperation of whichever candidates win their elections.
I did note, however, that there was no mention, even from those who aspire to go to Albany for the first time, for cutting funding for entitlements, member items, or “pork-barrel projects”.  It was as if these long sacred programs did not exist.  I recently noticed that one of Central New York’s legislators returned home to campaign for re-election, bearing for his district $500,000 he “found” in the budget, with the suggestion that it be used for local Little League facilities.  Now surely such a project would be nice, but does our state not have greater priorities?  And I might mention that this was not long after you called the legislators back to Albany for a Special Session to trim this same budget.
Therefore, I would like to suggest that you make these “pork” programs your number one priority in the next legislative session.  If you could retrieve a half million dollars or more from every member’s pet projects, surely it would go a long way toward balancing our state budget.  And surely our newly elected legislators will be eager to cooperate in this effort, along with their “fight” to create jobs, “fight” to lower taxes, and “fight” to reduce unnecessary spending.  Good Luck!


  1. I think there is nothing more foolish in our state than forcing our school districts to budget tax revenues to hire Albany lobbyists (I’m sure all schools hire the same ones) to bribe our dysfunctional legislators to allocate more state tax funds to their school. Think about it!

    If anyone can attempt to explain this process to me, I would like to hear from you!

    It goes like this, see. The school district takes money from the taxpayers and pays it to someone who then gives part of it to the legislators to attempt to make them do the job the taxpayers are already paying them to do. Right? Who is the loser here?

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  3. There was an article in the Post-Standard today about 2 Syracuse Youth Homes, as an example of how we could cut spending. One has a budget of $650000 a year, 8 employees, and one, yes, one resident. One. And from New York City no less. The other has 7 employees and 3 residents and costs only $500000 annually to operate. Come on! Do they need the governor to tell them that this is #$%@ ridiculous? At the very least, why not consolidate them? It is not only the legislature in Albany that is dysfunctional.

    Memo to the Guv: Obviously we could save some money by moving these patients to a Holiday Inn, but would we be interfering with their rights? Maybe if we rented the penthouse at Turningstone Casino? Could save some money on sales tax there too…

  4. And here is a quick election followup. The legislator cited above was re-elected, along with most of our incumbents. They must be doing something right! Actually they are doing a great job if you consider that their primary goal is to be re-elected every 2 or 4 years. Why they want the job only they and their lobbyists know…

  5. I just added your website to my blogroll, I hope you would look at doing the same.

  6. Great post, I’ve bookmarked this site so hopefully I’ll see more on this subject in the future!

  7. Updating the NY politican news, a Albany ethics committee member announced that he was astounded to discover that our savior, Gov Cuomo, received a $2 million gift from gambling lobby interests to promote casinos in NY. Really? No ethics? And didn’t you always wonder about the Guv’s father and his sweetheart casino deal with the Oneidas? Some things never change.

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