Posted by: winteridge | November 5, 2008

This is Evolution?

Those of you who are familiar with my rambling know that I am into photography and hunting, been doing both for 50 or 60 years, and I apologize to no one.  I found a site called flickr where photographers share their work with others with similar interests, and I occasionally post a few pics.

Just returned from my annual deer hunt with my brothers and friends, I posted on flickr a few photos of same, as I have met a few nice people there with similar interests.  Yes, we enjoy deer hunting, and yes, we sometimes harvest deer.  We enjoy the venison.

This time I received some nasty, somewhat incoherent comments from someone calling himself LOMEDIN.  I wish I had saved his notes, but when I blocked him from my page, it all disappeared.  Scary.  I can get past the spelling, syntax, language, etc-not everyone is able to obtain an education, and one cannot fault him for that.  I believe his message was opposed to hunting and killing animals, and implied that hunters are somewhere on a lower level of the evolutionary ladder.

Intrigued as to where he was coming from, I searched on flickr and found that he is in Ireland, (you thought Chinese too, right?) and changes his flickr identity often, for obvious reasons.  Now I don’t know a lot about Ireland, but I believe that the common folk there really don’t know all that much about hunting, having had one of their kings outlaw such activity many centuries ago, so I am not sure where his expertise on the subject derives from.  My impression of the Irish in general is that they mostly devote their extra energy to drinking, and fighting with their neighbors over which church they should attend.  Live and let live, I say, and I would not condemn them.  Maybe they could use some hunting or fishing in their lives.

Also, in looking at this person’s flickr photos, I notice he featured a shot of a male (friend or stranger?), urinating in a bathroom while eating a sandwich.  Strange?  I thought so.  Where does this place him/them on the evolutionary scale?  Not above hunters, I hope?  To quote ol’ LO himself; “Jaysus!”  The obvious next step in his development would seem to be attaching his camera phone to his shoe and photographing unwary females.  Anyway, as I say, I did block him, and hopefully he crawls back under his rock.  No offense intended to normal Irish folk out there.


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