Posted by: winteridge | November 8, 2008

Maybe It’s Just Me…


Have you noticed, with all the newsworthy events going on in the world each day: Wars, Elections, Economic Disasters, Hurricanes, etc, Good Morning America chooses to devote large segments to stories such as Michele Obama’s wardrobe, President Bush’s dog biting reporters, and of course, up-to-the-minute coverage of Dancing in the Stars?  Now if it were VP Cheney biting a reporter…  How do I know this?  Well, my wife has the tv on, though she doesn’t watch Diane either.


Speaking of the VP, he seems to have disappeared completely to his “undisclosed location”, which is probably a good thing for the rest of us.  I would have thought that the Republicans would have had the current President and VP heavily involved in the election campaigning…maybe for the Democratic candidates.


And aren’t you glad that 2 years of presidential campaigning is finally over?  I really have a problem with desperate candidates accusing opponents of being Terrorists, Socialists, Bigots, Racists, etc. without basis.  Don’t they understand that some folks out there actually believe what they are saying?  I have elderly lady friends who actually say they can’t sleep at night because Obama is a Terrorist and they fear he is coming for them.


And I just read a headline in the national news that economists are puzzled that the unemployment rate continues to rise daily.  Say whut?  Where do they hide out, with Dick Cheney?  Those employers that haven’t moved to China and Mexico are cutting back or going out of business at the highest rate since 1929.  Now how would that affect the jobless picture?


Do you ever wonder why the government didn’t step in with bailout billions for Enron and Kenny Lay?  Of course, he probably got his huge parachute package, for a short while anyway, but shouldn’t his pal GW and the taxpayers have saved Enron’s employees and stockholders?  What’s a few more billion anyway?


Speaking of taxpayer bailouts, I understand that we are giving GM monies to buy Chrysler and save them both.  Ford is next.  It is hard to feel for them, what with their long history of selling consumers gas-guzzling monsters at high profits with no warranties.  “That’s what the customer wants!”  When you can discount a vehicle $10-15000 at year-end to get rid of it, there are some excess markups somewhere.  Why not sell them all year for $5000 less?  The very last GM car I bought was a ’04 Pontiac that depreciated 50% in the first year!  I say let Toyota and Honda produce the cars, and GM can perhaps distribute them.


I do not use a cellphone a lot, so I have one of these inexpensive Trac-fones for which I pay a modest monthly fee and add minutes as I need them.  Not many people have my number, so I have few unnecessary incoming calls.  But lately I am receiving more and more of those calls urging me to renew my auto warranty or take advantage of a great new rate (only 28%?) on a credit card.  What do you suppose their success rate is with such random calls?  Please!  These calls cost me money.  I am on the Do-Not-Call registry.  Is DO NOT CALL so hard to comprehend?


So good to see gas prices coming down a bit, or at least until after the election craze passes.  We have given up trying to understand who is responsible for high prices.  Producers, distributors, station operators all blame each other, and they are probably right, but the real culprit is GREED, pure and simple.  It is puzzling, though, that the basics that drive our Capitalist system seem to have broken down.  You see a gas station selling for, say, $2.25 a gallon, and just down the road, or across the street is another for 40 cents a gallon higher, and both are doing a booming business!  Brand loyalty?  Dealer loyalty?  It’s not supposed to work that way.  Makes no sense to me.



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