Posted by: winteridge | November 13, 2008

Thanks, Vets…

Take a Day Off.

One of the nicest things about retirement for me is that I am finally able to celebrate Veterans’ Day as a holiday. I am a veteran.  I never had a job where I was allowed to take the day off, though most non-veterans in government, education, etc had a holiday.  I had 3 hunting buds who worked for NY State, a brewery, and a utility monopoly, only 1 of them was a vet, and all had a Veterans Day holiday.  If I wanted to hunt with them, I had to use a precious vacation day.

I proudly served the US Army in the Cold War.  Thank You, though our President has already honored me with a Certificate of Appreciation, at my request.  We won that war.  I like to wear baseball type caps, and am considering buying a “Cold War Veteran” cap.  Would that be tacky?  I know it was not the most popular war in our history.  But hey, at least now I can enjoy the national holiday designated in our honor.  Would that every veteran had the same right, even if he is lucky enough to have a job.

“A Veteran- whether Active Duty,
Retired, National Guard or Reserve is
someone who, at one point in his life,
wrote a blank check made payable to
“The United States of America”, for an
amount of “up to and including my life”

That is Honor, and there are way too
many people in this country who no
longer under stand it.”

-Author Unknown-



  1. How true it is that veterans have to use vacation days on veterans day if they want that day off. Cold War veterans are in this country the same as peace time veterans which is why they never get respect or are allowed to join the VA.

    Veterans day should have been created exclusively only for veterans. Civilians should have never been allowed that day off including government employees who did not serve.

    There is a clear distinction between the word veteran and civilian. Civilians don’t fight wars. At least not in a traditional sense. There are hundreds of thousands of peace time veterans in America. What do they get? Not a damn thing.

    What liberal Americans don’t get is that there was a reason why it was called “peacetime”. It is called peacetime “because of veterans”. Because they served.

    So wear your T-Shirts and hats proudly as you and many others have earned the right to do so and when a liberal radical Obama supporting anti-American tells you they are offended by your shirt or hat, simply with “ok then I don’t want to see your stupid anti-Iraq war shirts or hats” I find them offensive.

    When they respond “and they will”, “usually negatively”, with but that’s not the same thing or “you took what I said out of context”. Where have we heard that Bullshit before?

    Then star them down and with a very firm voice tell them “then until you earn the right to wear the uniform of our military and serve honorably and are willing to defend America against all enemies both foreign and domestic, shut the hell up, because your not qualified to say anything about my patriotic shirts or hats.

    So shut the hell up!

    If that doesn’t work on them then tell them they’re chance to serve is coming very soon and smile.

    Veteran – we salute you!

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