Posted by: winteridge | December 4, 2008

As GM goes…

So now GM/Ford/Chrysler are back in DC, looking for their share of the $900 billion Christmas present.  Got to come up with that annual performance bonus money somewhere.

But I have another solution.  Word is that the big3 have large numbers of autos left over from 2008/07/06, etc.  Why does our guvmint not just buy up all that surplus inventory and allow the auto makers to start over with sensible vehicles.  Meantime, we could pass out new cars to any of our citizens who are financially strapped-let them pay for them later, whenever they can.  That would perhaps serve as the economic stimulus our economy needs-all those new caddys and SUV’s and monster trucks out there burning up the fuel.  Yeah!  Make everyone happy.

I offer this suggestion free of charge, of course, but if the Congress does come thru with the $million billion that GM needs, perhaps they could find room for me as a consultant.  I would settle for the wages the auto line workers get, with maybe a few million bonus and a few million more in severance pay.  Well, maybe one of their obsolete jets would be nice too.  Petty cash, really.

And see, if those auto Big Wheels are so smart, to deserve all the big bucks they pay themselves, why, when pressed by Congressmen about flying private jets to DC, did they not ask Congress for a show of hands on how many of THEM fly public airlines on their junkets and campaign trips?  Any takers?  Who is casting stones?


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