Posted by: winteridge | December 5, 2008


I was just reading some of the items on Thanksgiving08 on WordPress, and thought I would throw in my 10 cents.  As others have said, I am thankful for WordPress and all they make available.  I do enjoy it.

Each year we look forward to getting together with family members for Thanksgiving at my brother’s large country home in Oneida, NY.  I came from a large family of 11, and they and nieces and nephews and grandkids are scattered all over the country now, so it is good when we can meet up once in a while.  So we must be thankful for that.  And the fact that none of them are off fighting wars at the moment.

My brother Jim and I are both in our 60’s now, and we got to talking with the younger ones about how it was growing up on the farm on Tug Hill.  I watched some of the nephews listening in wonder as we reminisced about slaughtering hogs, harvesting crops, milking cows, and such; all the routine chores that the younger kids have never known.  Of course, I can’t text message either.  But in those days, butchering a hog or cow, boiling lard, beheading a chicken, field dressing a deer, those were just things you did and didn’t think much about it.  Nowadays, young adults don’t recognize a pork chop unless it is wrapped in styro and shrink wrap-not that that is bad.  Times do change.  Probably in a couple of generations kids won’t know what raw meat was, when their grandparents talk about it.  But I wander.

Thanks for everything.


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