Posted by: winteridge | December 13, 2008

Take My Coach. Please.

Although I am not really a football fan, I get such a kick out of the media hysteria over finding a football coach for Syracuse University.  Even the mayor doesn’t get that much attention.  While the SU athletic director is not saying anything, every day the newspapers or TV stations come up with a rumor from someone’s blog or comment that Coach so-and-so has signed with SU.  Done deal.  So they all go after that unsuspecting coach, who, of course, knows nothing about it.  If he did, he would not discuss it until his own season ends.  So he has to publicly refuse the job before he is interviewed for it.  Then on to the next rumor.  Come on, guys, give it a rest.  Please! 

With that kind of multi-million dollar salary, surely they will find someone who appears confident and competent, just like that last coach.  What I don’t understand is why Dr Gross doesn’t appoint himself to the job.  It would be a substantial pay raise for him, and hey, anything he does next year would be an improvement.


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