Posted by: winteridge | December 17, 2008

Just Charge My Account…

And what is up with our NY Governor Patterson anyway?  Is he new to Albany?  Doesn’t He understand how New York does things?  Can’t someone like Joe B take him aside and explain?

If you have kept up on the news, you know that the Guv is upset with New York’s budget deficit – 15 billion or trillion or whatever it is, and wants to increase taxes, cut spending, lay off surplus state employees, and lots of other things.  He should know that New Yorkers just don’t want it that way.

Over the past 20 years or so, New Yorkers have become accustomed to living beyond our means.  Huge mortgages on huge homes, home equity loans on those homes, huge auto loans, multiple maxed out credit cards, huge tax bills; all these have become our way of life.  Why shouldn’t our State government operate the same way?  Why be concerned about a deficit that we will never ever be able to repay?  Does our Federal government worry?

Our state legislators, that group sometimes fondly called “dysfunctional”, know how we feel.  They usually manage to avoid passing any legislation that might reduce state spending below our ability to pay.  Most of their time and money is spent on running for re-election.  For many years, up until the last year or so, they just didn’t bother passing a budget at all, sometimes until the budget period was over.  “Let ‘er ride!”  If they should manage to legislate some innovative plan, such as the infamous “Empire Zone”, they conveniently forget to include any provisions for accountability or controls.  And our legislators know we approve of the way they operate, as we return the same people to office, year after year, even when we know they are involved in crimes, corruption, scandals, or other fun political activities.  We love those rascals!

So please, Governor Patterson, help us to keep our dwindling population of New Yorkers the highest taxed, highest spending state in the country.  If we need to reduce our deficits, why not apply for a federal bailout payment?  Or perhaps, like Illinois, we could market our soon-to-be vacant US Senate seat to Caroline or some other wealthy but otherwise unqualified applicant.

On second thought, Caroline has the one qualification one needs to be a senator these days.  She should do fine.  I heard that she actually even discovered Upstate New York today.  Now all she needs do is return in August to visit the State Fair and pretend to devour a sausage sandwich.  She is IN!  And next – why not the Presidency?



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    It helps to have some entertainment, satire and laughs along the journey.

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  2. I didn’t catch Caroline when she recently visited Central NY, perhaps for the first time, but her comments might go something like this: Y’know, I have, y’know, been looking for, y’know, some new, y’know, challenges, and I think, y’know, being New York’s, y’know, Senator, would be cool. Y’know? It’s, y’know, that or, y’know, PTA President.

  3. And has anyone noticed that while President Obama and even California’s Governor plan to end the depression by increasing government spending and cutting taxes, our Guv Paterson proposes to CUT spending on frills like education and healthcare and INCREASE many of our daily taxes? That’s all a newly out-of-work NY citizen needs is a tax increase! I haven’t heard any proposals for salary cuts for state employees.

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