Posted by: winteridge | January 15, 2009

Keep on Bailing…

Yes, I know that that previous administration never acted upon any of my advice, but everyone tells me these new folks are smarter.  We will see.  I am sending this to President Obama.

By now, everyone knows about financial expert Bernie Madoff and his $50 billion investment firm.  Ponzi LLC, or something like that?  Problem now is that many of his followers were union leaders, pension groups and such, which means that if Bernie is allowed back on the street without some sort of punishment or restitution, he will last, oh, maybe 24 hours.  Tops.

But I have a solution that will work for all.  Congress (which may have a few investors too) can slip Bernie $50 or 60 billion of the “Bailout” fund, no strings attached of course, and he can give everyone their money back, provided he won’t have to go to jail.  Save all those innocent folks their retirement funds.  Of course he would be required to close down his investment firm.  But maybe the new administration could use his financial expertise as SEC Chairman or Secretary of the Treasury.  No doubt he hasn’t been paying his income taxes either.  Do you get the feeling that NONE of them are honest?  Come on, there must be someone?


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