Posted by: winteridge | February 7, 2009

Sugar Daddy

New Yorkers knew right from the start that Governor Paterson was not going to spend the next couple of years running for re-election.  Nope.  One and done.  He actually examined the state budget, noticed that we are spending more than we are collecting (wasn’t he state comptroller in the past?), explained the situation to his legislature, and began taking steps to remove the deficit.  Cut spending, raise taxes, add new taxes, maybe even remove some state employees.  Remove a lot of state residents.  Right on!  But it does not make him popular with anyone.

One part of his tax program I really like is the proposed added tax on sugared soft drinks.  But he doesn’t go far enough; why not tax all soft drinks out of existance?  We would have more healthy slim folks, and maybe they will head to the gym, where, yes, they will be taxed to exercise!  Genius!

But the Guv is missing one huge opportunity, in my opinion.  If he would walk down the cereal aisle of any grocery, he might be astounded at the array of unhealthy sugared concoctions piled there, all aimed at our poor unsuspecting children.  Is it any wonder our kids are overweight and hyper?  We have sugar smacks, sugar pops, frosted flakes, fruity loops – the list is endless, and sugar is the main ingredient, even though some do contain corn, wheat, and such.  And many even add chocolate, or chinese chemically-enhanced honey.  Add a tall breakfast pepsi, or a power drink, and send your kid out to face the world.  What a way to start the day.  I say tax them all!  Set the sugared-cereal tax high enough to make all parents go back to untaxed oatmeal, grits, and cream-of-wheat, and watch us all slim down.

I offer this up to our Governor, as with all my ideas, free of charge.



  1. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention (I just love the guv’s sense of humor), He is serious? You think? Now he has decided that the property tax NY pays on state land is TOO HIGH, and he wants to cap it. Uh, he IS right, you know, but what about the property taxes paid by all the rest of us? Why not cap it all? Especially since most property values have tanked. We are all over-assessed. Tried to sell your home lately?

  2. Here is another golden opportunity for the guv to make some $$$. Someone in the federal government (mebbe homeland security?) has decided that salt in our food is bad
    for us, and wants to outlaw it. We know that doesn’t work, (for anyone who remembers prohibition), but what if we put a stiff tax on salt? Eh? Make us all stop using salt. No more popcorn. Are you listening, guv?

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