Posted by: winteridge | February 22, 2009


And another young man killed on his snowmobile in Montague.  This dangerous intersection is just down the road from our camp on Pitcher Road.  The intersection of Pitcher and Flat Rock, or Olin, Roads.

One of those blind 4-way crossings, with a hill and woods.  It is the most popular route between Flat Rock Inn and Tug Hill Inn.  There have been other snowmobilers killed here, the one I remember vividly was a head-on collision with both riders killed, not too long ago.  There are warning signs, and most seasoned Tug Hill riders know, but combine a snow machine with speed, smooth trails, friendly competition, and maybe some firewater, and bad things will happen.  Many sane snowmobilers I know will not even ride the Tug trails any more.  Too dangerous!  The first time you meet 3 sleds coming over a hill side by side at speeds up to 80 mph-well, you hope you are not seeing it from the opposite side of the hill!  It could be your last.  They just do not use common sense, and there are so many of them out there.  Sometimes hundreds on weekends.  And many of them are just traveling from one water hole (bar) to the next as fast as they can, with no regard for fellow travelers.  (Shudder).  I’m glad I am not out there anymore.  Had some close calls though.  The one I remember most was when another young male was killed when he ran into a fence some years back near Barnes Corners, obviously in a farmer’s field and not on a marked trail.  The media interviewed his brother, who actually stated something like: “They should not put fences where we ride.  They are too dangerous!”  Well, yeah.  Carve another notch on the nearest tree for the latest mishap.  Maybe they should not put stop signs on the trails either?  And how about all those dang trees?

And now the word is that another young man was killed just down the trail in Martinsburg, and yet another in Herkimer County!  Three dead in a 7-hour period, and six this month, but the season total is still below last year.  Are we having fun, or what?  Will they never learn that they are not invincible?

I do have some experience here, thanks for asking.  I still bear a scar on my leg from snowmobiling back in the 1970’s.  Of course, those early sleds were slower, and it was tough to kill yourself, but you could get banged up some.  Never at 100 MPH, though.  I guess if a modern sled is capable of going 100 MPH, some will have to go that fast, same as with cars, but that do not make it a smart thing to do.  Riding a sled that fast would be kind of like driving on the hood of your car at 100.  On a rough trail, not a highway.  Not much future in it.  Sadly, we all have to learn by experience, not advice from those who have been there.  Live and Learn.  Or not.  Let’s Ride!

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  1. Now this weekend another adventurer killed himself on an ATV just down the Olin Road from the above accident. 71 years old. All of the above applies with the ATV, except that there is no snow to cushion your fall. Mud just won’t do it. Born to Ride! I will never understand it. I guess if you die doing what you enjoy, that is enough.

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  3. here is a short update for 2011-12: even though the snowmobilers have only had one weekend of snow, 3 of them managed to kill themselves on The Tug. Such is Life, I guess.

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