Posted by: winteridge | March 3, 2009

Our Fair Share

OK, much as we expected, our Prez has been on the job for over a month, and already he is being criticized for not having solved all the errors made in the past 8 years.  Why is it taking so long?  Well, I am here to help.

I was just reading that President Obama needs to come up with a couple of trillion $ to erase the budget deficit, and opinions differ as to how to do it.  The ol’ trusty Amex Card just won’t handle it.  Here is my solution:  It seems that every time the Prez fingers someone in government for a cabinet post, that individual has to come clean and admit that he has not paid his taxes for 3 or 10 years, but, hey, he will pay them now.  Follow me yet?  Of course, Obama can’t appoint everyone in Washington to a cabinet post, but why not have his Secretary of Treasury (who knows a few things about not paying taxes) start auditing everyone in Congress?  I’m guessing they should come up with at least a trillion in back taxes.  Maybe more.  And those folks will feel better about contributing their fair share to running their government. And along the way, they might even encourage some state governors and others to dig down and empty their pockets too.

It is interesting to note how the priorities work.  Recently a local Central New Yorker was found guilty of not paying his taxes, and he faces up to 22 years in prison for that crime.  In Washington, for the same offense, you are appointed as Secretary of the Treasury.  Go figure!



  1. I would like to float a proposal for an economic stimulus plan past you for your consideration. The basics of the idea are in an article at . Please review this article and let me know what you think. This will be the basis for a more in depth paper on the concept.

    Thank you for assisting with this project.

    Robert K. Minniti, CPA, CFE, Cr.FA, CFF, MBA

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