Posted by: winteridge | May 26, 2009

In Memoriam

Kenn at An Khe 1965

Kenn at An Khe 1965

Kenn at An Khe 1965

Kenn at An Khe 1965

letter from 'nam

letter from ‘nam

As we enjoyed a beautiful Memorial Day holiday, I was reminded by my daughter of a copy we have of a letter sent by my brother Kenn from Vietnam back in 1965 and published at that time in the local newspaper.  She wanted me to send her a copy of it as a memorial.  Kenn made it back from that war, though many others did not, and today we honor and thank all of them for their sacrifices.  My brother later died from exposure to the dread Agent Orange, some called it “Friendly Fire”, but I know he was thankful that he was spared and was able to marry, father two beautiful children, and enjoy life for another 30 or so years. We give thanks to him and all the others whose lives were cut short in that war and all those other wars.

I had an older cousin, Herb Brant, who was always more like an older brother to my family.  He enlisted in WWII, joined General Patton in France just after D-Day, and fought with Patton’s army through the bloody Battle of the Bulge, being wounded 2 or 3 times along the way.  He made it home, and never discussed the war much, but I always remember him saying that he lost a lot of good friends in that war, and he made a vow to enjoy the life that was given to him, in tribute to those who were buried in France.  Herb lived into his 80’s, and true to his word, took joy in everything he did.  I can think of no more fitting way to remember them.

One can wish that no one else ever dies in battle, but if we are to remain free, some of us must pay for that freedom.  We thank them.


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