Posted by: winteridge | July 3, 2009

New York State of Mind

Yes, impassioned New Yorkers everywhere are up in arms about the latest failings of this group of guys.  Ready to take a page from Iranians; to riot in the streets; to shout their frustration from the rooftops.  Well, almost.  I have heard this “team” called dysfunctional, inefficient, ineffective, selfish, unyielding, even “unable to work and play well with others”.  And rightly so, it seems.  Not only are they overpaid under-achievers; not only are they unable to accomplish the simple tasks we hire them to do, but they are even unable to look professional while doing it.  People are demanding change!  New leaders.  New members.  A new direction.  Now!

Aha, you say!  He is talking about our beloved NY State Legislature, right?  And rightly so.  Well, actually, I was referring to our beloved NY Mets “”Professional” baseball team, but yes, you’re right, all of the above applies to our state senate. I think that senate reached a new low this week when, while the democratic members were all sitting around dreaming of going home to run for re-election, a stray republican wandered thru the chamber, giving them a majority, and they quickly passed 75 bills before that republican could get to the rest room.  Amazing!  One can only wonder about the calm deliberation, discussion, and analysis that took place on those 75 bills.  For sure at least one of them involved a pay raise for you-know-who, while not one of them involved reforms of the legislature. I mean, these guys are not even pretending any more to do the job we send them to Albany to do.  “What’s In It For Me?” has become their byword.  Perhaps it is better for us if no legislation gets passed, as is the norm.  Some folks even say that nothing has changed in Albany-just more publicity.

If only we could get the average New Yorker as upset over their government as they are over their baseball team.  If only they could remember these demeaning shenanigans in November when they go to the polls, and vote the whole self-serving bunch out.  If only we could disolve the entire legislature today and replace them with unemployed New Yorkers who WANT to work.  There are a lot of us out there.

But no, that’s not “The way it works”.  If we held a special election tomorrow, most folks who bother to vote would cast a ballot for those same politicians, “because their names are familiar”.  Our media would still endorse those same veteran incumbents, because “they have the necessary experience”.  And so it goes.  I can’t really speak for the Mets, being a Yankees fan, but when it comes to political groups, New Yorkers deserve what we get.



  1. From what I understand, the problem in the senate is an equal number of democrats and republicans, and no one can decide who is in charge. I offer up 2 possible solutions:
    1. Remove all senators who have been convicted of or indicted for felonies, and there are a number of them, then do a head count and see if we have a majority.
    2. It has been some years since I left high school, but it seems I recall that the state’s Lt Governor can cast a deciding vote in case of ties, gridlocks, deadlocks, whatever. Isn’t Governor Patterson still Lt Governor? Did he resign that job? Did we elect a replacement? Did he appoint a replacement? Did someone decide we didn’t need a replacement? Come on!

  2. Governor Paterson, in accepting the position of executive last year, vacated the role of Lt. Governor. Unfortunately, there is no provision in the state’s constitution allowing for an election for a Lt. Gov before the expiration of the current term or an appointment of a Lt. Gov by the executive or the legislature. New York does not have clear guidelines. Currently, if Sen. Pedro Espada is the legal senate president, he would be in line to fill the role of governor should Paterson be unable to do so. Also, Only one, senator, Hiram Monserrate is under indictment. Ethics laws only allow for the removal of a convicted felon. So far, nobody in the Senate has been removed because if it, at least in recent years. In the Assembly, that’s another story altogether. IT’s frustrating, though, right? So much not getting done.

  3. Thanks, Appauled, for clearing those points up. In other words, even if New Yorkers cared about what is/is not going on, there is nothing we can do until the elections of 2010, and by then it will all be forgotten and elections as usual. How does an incumbent get voted out of office when he runs unopposed?

  4. Thank you, Guv, for listening to my suggestion and appointing “Whodat?” as Lt Governor. If the senate won’t/can’t do it’s job, maybe they need a disinterested party to guide them. NOW we will see some meaningful laws passed! Right!

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