Posted by: winteridge | July 4, 2009


PLEASE!  PLEASE!  PLEASE!  Enough with Michael Jackson yet already.  Let the poor tortured soul rest in peace.  Let’s have more about the passing of Farrah Fawcett and the world’s most famous swimsuit poster.  Now there is a loss!

It is true that Jackson was a major talent at one time-if you enjoy that sort of music, but he knew, and all of us knew, that he had grown too weird even for this society, and that eventually drugs would kill him.  Maybe it happened.  Let it go.  Mark his passing, mourn his passing, but do we need a month-long tribute on all the media, with details on his favorite drugs and his physical makeover and the jackals fighting over his possessions?  What an example for our children.  What a cult hero.  And now the legends start that he is not really dead, but in seclusion somewhere with Elvis, Marilyn, and James Dean.  Enough.  Enough.   Enough.



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  2. Well, fortunately, we’ll always have that poster.

  3. Update: Just saw a Jon Stewart episode (yes, I have gotten behind) with a CNN reporter,with BREAKING NEWS, who had located a “celebrity cemetery expert” who certified, 2 weeks after Jackson died, that he was actually buried in, of all places, a cemetery! Are we sick, or are sick?

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